Point Rules

We value and encourage user contribution. This site thrives on engagement. We offer a powerful point system that rewards contributing members. The points are awarded automatically by our system upon user actions. We also offer user badges and ranks but we will let you discover those for yourselves. See below for all of the points you can expect to amass while contributing to us:

Rule Name Rule Description Points
Published review Submitting a review for a listing 55
Invite with success Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user when his friend registered with success 45
Invite Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user on sending invite 15
Adding a new listing Successful approval of a new listing to the database. 15
New user Assign points to new users 10
Adding a video Adding a video to a published listing 10
Adding new media Adding new media to a published listing 3
Referral points Allows referrer to get bonus points percentage points for all user points awarded to their referrals 2 %
Starting a discussion Starting a discussion on a review 2
Profile view Assigns points to the profile owner when some user look at his/her profile. 1
Discussion deletion Removal of a discussion by site moderation team -2
Media deletion Removal of media by site moderation team -3
Video deletion Removal of a video by site moderation team -10
Listing deletion Removal of a listing by our site moderation team -15
Review deletion Removal of a published review by site moderation team -55